Benefits of Using Baby Diaper Pants

Remember the first day you got your baby home from the hospital? And then spent so many sleepless days counting dry and wet diapers? Then your little one started cooing and smiling up at you and every diaper change became a moment for you to bond with your precious bundle of joy. So when did your baby suddenly turn into this wriggling, writhing and annoyed little one who doesn't have the patience for a diaper change routine anymore?

Pampers Baby Diapers Pants

Time for Pampers pants?

Well, we think that's your baby’s way of telling you that he or she is bigger now and probably needs to graduate to diaper pants !

So, how are baby pants different from baby diapers?

  • While pants are suitable for bigger babies (starting from the time they crawl until they are toilet trained), tape diapers are more suitable for babies at birth.

  • Baby pants are pulled up just like you would a child's underwear, whereas tape diapers require babies to be lying down so that you can tape them at the sides.

  • While both pants and tape diapers come in various sizes, baby pants are more suitable from the time the baby weighs around 6 kg or so.

What are some of the advantages of pampers pants?

So, how will the switch help? Well, here's what we have seen over the years:

  • Once your baby starts wriggling or rolling over to get away from you during diaper changes, every change can become a battle of wits (which the smaller, cuter and chubbier one usually wins!). Baby diaper pants can be quickly pulled on and your baby can do it standing up!

  • An older baby's vigorous playtime routine can cause tape diapers to start sagging or flip open on one side. Pants, on the other hand, have elastic and sturdy waistbands that don't cause an uncomfortable tightness around the baby's waist.

  • Once your baby is ready for potty training, tape diapers quickly become a setback because of the simple fact that you need to be involved to get it on and off. Diaper pants go on and off like underwear, and toddlers find it very exciting using it all by themselves!

  • Travel with a baby? Every diaper change is a mad rush to the nearest restroom and you rarely find diaper changing stations that are hygienic enough. These pants simply tear off on the sides and are just as easily pulled on, making them perfect for travel!

Are diaper pants as good as diapers?

This is a question that many parents have. High quality tape diapers can absorb every single mess that your baby makes, while keeping your baby's skin soft, dry and free from rashes. Can baby diaper pants do that? Very simply put, yes, - they can!

  • Pampers pants are equipped with unique air channels that allow your baby's skin to breathe and stay dry. The baby lotion within the pants keeps your baby's skin soft and free of rashes.

  • They are just as absorbent as tape diapers and can provide hours of dryness! Best of all, with a wetness indicator, your baby's pants will tell you when they need to be changed!

  • With a comfortable and snug fit, there is no danger of the pants coming off during play or at sleep time.

So, there you go! Now make diaper change an easy and hassle-free process for both you and your munchkin.

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