Here’s What You Need To Know About Baby Swim Diapers!

Heading for a pool day with your little one? Sounds like a lovely summer day for a family outing. But here’s a quick question, have you figured out the whole diaper situation yet? Being a parent, you can never miss out on this baby care essential. But wait! Are you thinking of going with regular diapers? Take a pause, as you might want to reconsider. Because there’s something better on the block. We’re talking about baby swim diapers. Yes, believe it or not, but swim diapers are a thing! Plus, they are convenient and easy to use. If you wish to know more about baby swim diapers and how they are different from regular ones, then keep on reading.

What Are Baby Swim Diapers?

Baby swim diapers, also known as swim pants, are specially-designed diapers meant to be worn at the pool or at the beach. These swim diapers do not absorb liquid rather, they only contain solids. We know what you might be wondering - does it mean the pee will pass through? Yes, your baby’s pee is likely to pass through the swim diaper. But on the larger front, your baby won’t face any poopy episodes.

How Are Swim Diapers Different From Normal Diapers?

The key difference between swim diapers and normal diapers is that the latter one expands and sags after getting wet. So, if you make your baby wear a regular diaper in the pool, it will become a soggy mess. On the other hand, with swim diapers, you can rest assured. Because it won’t be bulky or soggy. But keep in mind that baby swim diapers are only meant to contain solids. They are non-absorbent which means the baby's pee will pass through it. So, once your baby is out of the pool or water, you must change him into a regular diaper. Likewise, you need to keep in mind that swim diapers don’t necessarily contain diarrhoea or liquid poops. So, in case your little one is too young or dealing with an episode of diarrhoea, you should not take him swimming for a while, even with a swim diaper on.

Are Swim Diapers Reusable or Disposable?

Swim diapers are made available in both variants - reusable and disposable. Both serve the same purpose with a sight twist in their usability factor. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

  • Disposable swim diapers: As the name suggests, this type of swim diaper needs to be tossed after one single use. It is usually designed with tabs on the side that is used to secure your baby’s legs around and can be opened up when you’re about to remove it. In this way, it ticks the convenience and usability factor. However, once they are soiled, you need to change them.

Wish to give disposable swim diapers a try? Then get your hands on the Pampers® Splashers™ available in two variants - taped and pants. The taped ones help in adjusting the diaper as per the baby’s fit whereas the pants consist of an elastic band that fits your baby like a glove. This secures the baby from bumping into a leaking mishap. Moreover, these are relatively more affordable than reusable swim diapers. So, it’s clearly a win-win situation!

  • Reusable swim diapers: Reusable swim diapers are quite durable. This type of baby swim diaper is meant to be washed and reused. Many parents are able to find the right fit for their kids in this variant. However, when it comes to the price factor, reusable swim diapers are heavy on the pocket. So, if you don’t take your baby to the pool often, then this diaper might not be the best pick for you.

How To Use Swim Diapers?

Using a swim diaper is quite simple. You need to use it in the same way as you would use a regular baby diaper. Here’s what you need to follow:

Step 1: Put the swim diaper on your baby.

Step 2: Make your baby wear a swimwear bottom over the diaper. This is an optional step as your baby can flaunt the swim diaper all by itself.

Step 3: Check swim diapers for soiling every 30-60 minutes. In the case of toddlers, you should take them on bathroom breaks every 30-60 minutes.

Step 4: In case, the diaper gets soiled, change into a new swim diaper, away from the pool.

Step 5: If you are using a disposable swim diaper, discard it immediately. On the other hand, if you are using a reusable one, then clean it and wrap it in a separate bag. Go home and wash it in the washing machine using a gentle detergent.

The Bottom Line

We are quite sure that you don’t want your baby to face a sudden, poopy episode in the pool, right? Now since regular diapers can’t do the job well, opting for a swim diaper like the Splashers is a wise choice. So, go and make your pick now! Let your little one take the plunge and enjoy some summer fun in the pool while you enjoy watching him splash water around accompanied by his little giggles.

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