Pampers & UNICEF: A decade of achievements

Despite progress made over the last ten years, in 2016 we remain very aware of the MNT statistics – it claims the life of a newborn child every 11 minutes – so, through supporting UNICEF, we're continuing to help more and more mums and babies get protected against the disease.

Things are certainly going to plan: 300 million vaccines have been funded since 2006 – that's close to the entire population of the USA – helping to protect 100 million mums and their babies worldwide

Pampers' funding is also helping to transport them to where they are needed most, and administer them

Midwives have also been mobilised to deliver education on vaccinations to even the most remote villages; teaching mums about the importance of hygienic birth practices is a crucial step in the process.

Professor Linda Scott, an expert on International Development at Oxford University, recently called the Pampers-UNICEF partnership 'a genuine historic innovation and a humanitarian breakthrough, demonstrating a new approach to fighting global problems and the roles companies can play.'

Granted, there's a long way to go in the quest, but this is certainly progress with our ultimate goal alongside our partner UNICEF to help eliminate MNT everywhere.

Visit UNICEF now to find out how you can help give millions of babies their first smile.

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