Independent tests and expert opinions on Pampers® diapers

Every day, Pampers® researchers work to develop the best possible diapers to give your baby performance, as well as safety and comfort. That is why our diapers are clinically and dermatologically tested, and it is why we take expert opinions into account as we develop our diapers.

Find out about the different tests and expert opinions on our diapers!

Tested, certified diapers for baby’s safety

Diapers that are dermatologically tested by experts

Because baby’s skin is particularly delicate, all of our diapers are dermatologically tested under the supervision of outside dermatologists. We have also worked with Dr. Alain Taïeb, dermatology professor and head of Pediatric Dermatology at the CHU Hospital of Bordeaux (France), who is able to confirm “Pampers diapers pose no risks to baby’s health and are completely safe”.

A 100% safe composition validated by healthcare professionals

Each component has a specific function and must help ensure performance, as well as your baby’s comfort and safety. Our toxicologists work closely with our materials suppliers and meticulously evaluate the safety of each component. Once the safety tests have been validated, clinical tests are conducted in collaboration with outside experts such as pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists and dermatologists. “Safety is our number one priority: we design our diapers to be totally safe by using the expertise of our researchers and conducting rigorous tests controlled by outside experts from the medical world,” explains our scientific expert, Emmanuelle Bégué, who closely monitors all of the materials used in our diapers.

To find out more about what we put (and what we do not put!) in our diapers, read our article on diaper composition.

Clinical studies to validate the quality and safety of our diapers

For innovations like our extra absorb channels, Pampers® conducted a clinical study to validate that our diapers are 100% safe and that they keep babies nice and dry. We have recently undertaken a very extensive clinical study including over 20,000 skin tests! It is the largest clinical study ever undertaken on infantile skin disorders and diaper changing habits. Dr. Daniel Hohl, former President of the European Society for Pediatric Dermatology, who took part in the study, confirms, “I made an in-depth examination of the safety tests conducted in Pampers diapers and I attest that Pampers® products are perfectly safe to use on baby skin.”

Experts at the heart of Pampers innovation!

Parents: Pampers® leading experts

No one knows your baby better than you, which is why the opinion of parents like you means a lot to us. Each week, over 1200 parents accompany their babies to our research center in Germany to share their experiences on Pampers® diapers. We use the parents’ feedback to improve our diapers. “When we design a diaper, we try to put ourselves in the place of the baby. At Pampers®, we are lucky enough to be able to observe babies in our diapers every day, and gather the impressions of their parents,” explains Pampers R&D manager, Frank Wiesemann. “Gathering this information in real life situations is a very precious tool for designing products that are perfectly suited to babies. Not to mention the fact that many of us at Pampers research are parents too!”

Pampers® Air Channels: a key innovation to meet baby’s needs even better

All dermatologists agree: fresh air is essential to protecting baby’s skin and limiting the risk of diaper rash. The Pampers® Air Channels help create space inside the diaper for air to circulate freely, even when the diaper is full. This way, the skin can breathe and stay nice and dry.

The world’s tiniest diaper was born of our collaboration with neonatal nurses!

By working closely with neonatal nurses, we were able to develop the world’s tiniest diaper. In 2002, we were the first brand to design a diaper specially developed for these most vulnerable babies. “The Preemie® range was designed to take into account that premature babies are particular sensitive. Preemie diapers allow them to cope with these first weeks in life in the best possible conditions. These diapers are more adapted to the needed care and make the work of health professionals easier” explains Dr. Frank Wiesemann, Research & Development at Pampers®. We also finance research and support premature babies and their parents by donating our profits to the SOS Prema and Prem’Up non-profits.

We are constantly listening to parents: even after a product comes off our production lines, we continue to ensure its quality and safety. If you have any comments or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us: Consumer Service خدمة المستهلك In Saudi 800 244 0039 في السعودية In Gulf Countries and Yemen 00966 12 657 4751 في دول الخليج واليمن :للتواصل معنا Contact us on:

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