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The Pampers® safety promise



Just like you, we put your baby’s safety first.

From the selection of our materials to testing, each day we apply our safety promise in three phases to guarantee performance, as well as your baby’s comfort and safety:

Phase 1: Materials selection. Because safe diapers start with safe materials.

Before becoming part of Pampers® diapers, the materials we use are subject to rigorous selection. Each component has a specific function and must ensure performance, as well as your baby’s comfort and safety.


Our researchers work in collaboration with pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists and toxicologists to validate the safety of the materials, and all our baby finished products.


Our materials strictly comply with the safety requirements from the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, SCCS/1564/15 concerning the safe use of substances.

To find out more about what we add (and what we don’t add!) in our diapers, click here.

Phase 2: Production. A key phase that we control from A to Z

Just like for parents, baby’s safety is our priority. Because of this, there are some important things that we prefer to not delegate, like the manufacture of our diapers. Pampers® exclusively produces its diapers in its own factories. This is crucial for us. We actively monitor each phase of production to ensure the quality and safety of our products:


Each diaper is constantly monitored by cameras and over 500 sensors.


Over 120 diapers are extracted from our production lines and are the focus of over 2,000 verifications per day.

Phase 3: Ongoing testing. For safe, certified diapers that respect baby’s skin


Pampers® diapers are clinically and dermatologically tested. We make sure they can be used in total safety and that they respect your baby’s skin.


Each week, over 1,200 families come to our research and development center where they use up to 2 million diapers a year and share their feedback with us.

Did you know?

Over 700 scientists around the world work every day on Pampers® diapers and collaborate with independent healthcare professionals (toxicologists, pediatricians and dermatologists) to design the best possible diapers for babies. They take part in each phase of a diaper’s design.

We are constantly listening to parents: if you have any comments or queries, please contact us:
Consumer Service خدمة المستهلك
In Saudi 800 244 0039 في السعودية
In Gulf Countries and Yemen 00966 12 657 4751 في دول الخليج واليمن :للتواصل معنا
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