How does a Pampers wipe work and what is it made of?

As parents, you want a 100% safe, comfortable diaper that keeps your baby dry and let him explore the world. Pampers® has been designing diapers for 50 years with exactly this in mind: making sure that performance and comfort go hand-in-hand with safety.

Find out everything that makes the quality and dependability of a Pampers® diaper, from the selection of our components (the ones we use and the ones we don’t use!), to how our diapers work.

How does a Pampers wipe work and what is it made of?

Each component of a Pampers wipe has a specific role. But they all have the same purpose: to give your baby safety, cleaning and protection. Here is everything contained in our wipes. Same as for other Pampers® products, wipes are dermatologically and clinically tested before they ever come into contact with baby’s skin.

Cloth like material: it is made of cellulose & polypropylene. These fibers make a soft, stretchy and cushiony-like fabric that feels gentle on the baby’s skin. And they provide a sponge-like absorption.

Want to know more?

- The cellulose we use for Pampers® wipes is regenerated and sustainably sourced.

- Polypropylene is a very resistant fiber that doesn’t break so it keeps “clumps” from forming and thus help avoid friction on the skin.

Dermatologically tested water-based lotion:

- Lotion base: made with purified water (97% water) and xanthan gum, a naturally derived component. It improves the wipe's texture as well as helps clean gently.

- pH buffering system: they help restore the skin natural pH balance and prevent skin irritation. They are all naturally derived: they can be found in many citrus fruits! They consist of citric acid and sodium citrate.

- Gentle emulsifying/conditioning agents: they help remove oily mess from the baby’s skin. As part of them we use a component derived from coconut, called caprylic or capric triglyceride, in combination with hydrogenated castor oil and dimethicone, all clinically proven gentle to use on baby’s skin.

- Preservative system: they keep the wipe fresh before use and help prevent contamination while the package is open. For a safe use even after opening the pack and using several wipes! The preservatives used in Pampers® wipes are all clinically proven mild for baby’s skin (sodium benzoate, disodium EDTA, sorbitan caprylate).

Because we want to give your baby 100% safe wipes, there are some things we don’t add to the composition of our wipes.

Pampers® does not add any toxic or dangerous substances to its products. Baby’s safety has always been our top priority.

We do NOT add the following substances in our diapers: Alcohol, phenoxyethanol, parabens, phthalates or ethanol to our wipes.

Find out more about the safety process, the ingredients we use and what we don't add to Pampers products.

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