Fun Ways to Get Your Baby to Brush Teeth

Your little ragamuffin has been running around all day and munching on fruits, chocolates and biscuits. After a long day of eating sugary treats, it is important that your baby is brushing his teeth before going to sleep. For good oral hygiene, your baby’s teeth must be brushed twice a day. Unhealthy baby teeth could translate into unhealthy adult teeth. So before the tooth fairy makes her way, it is important to take care of your toddler’s baby teeth to ensure cavities and other problems are at bay. But holding a child’s attention for two whole minutes may seem like a mammoth task. If you are facing hurdles in getting your tiny tot to brush his teeth well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a rundown of things you can do to make the process of brushing a happier one.

Set a jolly mood

The best way to get your baby brushing his teeth is to make it fun for him. You can play music, sing a song for the baby or simply dance to engage your baby in the activity. Fun activities like these will hold the baby’s attention and the task of brushing his teeth will become a fun activity. Don’t let your child think of brushing as a punishment, instead associate a positive feeling with this activity.

Be a good example

Your child will always look up to you and try to mimic your actions. He may walk and talk in the same manner or just simply be fascinated with the way you do your hair. Using this trick, you can run him through your brushing routine. Show your toddler the right way of brushing and flossing you’re his teeth. You can ask him to follow your steps, so he can look and learn. Make your explanation animated and full of drama so he remains engaged throughout. . Once your little one is done brushing his baby teeth, give him a reward so he is incentivized to do a good job daily.

Practice, practice and more practice

If you want your toddler to get the hang of brushing, you can let him to practice on your arm or a soft toy. Practising on you may create a mess, but it is all worth it! Practising on you will help them be interested in brushing their teeth, as an activity and also help them learn the right way to brush their teeth.

Make adjustments

Your toddler may not like brushing due to the shock of cold water. Let your toddler use warm water while cleaning his baby teeth. This simple adjustment of temperature is likely to get your baby interested in brushing his teeth. Another change you can make is to get your baby to try different tubes of toothpaste. Doctors recommend using toothpaste with fluoride and about the size of a grain of rice for babies under 3 years old. The market has a wide variety of kinds of toothpaste in different flavours and colours. This is a good trick to get your child excited about brushing his teeth. You can try different kinds of toothpaste to find out which flavour your child prefers.

Colourful toothbrush

Using a colourful toothbrush in your child's favourite colour can make brushing time more exciting for him. You can also get him a toothbrush in the shape of his favourite cartoon character or toy. You can also let your toddler pick a toothbrush of his choice. Just make sure the brush is meant for toddlers and has soft bristles. There are several electrical brushes also available for kids in the market. These toothbrushes make the process of brushing one's teeth simpler, and ensure that the brushing feels gentle.

Add a stepstool

Often sinks are too high for children to reach. Adding a quirky stepstool for him can get your kid excited with the idea of brushing their teeth. You can choose a colourful stepstool so he can reach the sink comfortably. You can keep an eye on him while he excitedly brushes his baby teeth.

Set a time

At times, kids just brush their teeth for 30 seconds and think they are done. Doctors recommend that one should brush their teeth for two whole minutes. Setting a stopwatch on your phone can help your child understand how long they need to brush their teeth. "Set a timer for two minutes Siri!”

Play games

Attempt to engage your child with funny cleaning teeth games to make it more interesting for him. You can buy a toothbrush that lights up after two mins of brushing or a toothbrush that plays a tune for the same time duration. This helps in making the whole process interesting and entertaining for the child.

Give your baby some responsibility

If your toddler is old enough, he might be ready to try all the “big kid” stuff. Like picking up his own cup, holding the toothbrush, or squeezing out the toothpaste. Let him do his bit, even if it means he creates a small mess. This will give him a feeling of independence and a sense of control over what he might see as a boring chore. Every aspect of your baby’s development is important, including his oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene teachings now will set a precedent for a lifetime of healthy hygiene. We hope these tips and tricks help you understand the best way to get your baby brushing his teeth!

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