How to Soothe a Teething Baby

So fast your little one is growing up! It must seem you had just given birth and now your baby is already touching one of his earliest milestones- teething. It is the process of your baby’s teeth starting to come through his gum lines. The technical term for the process of baby teething is known as odontiasis. Also called the teething syndrome, most babies reach this milestone between four to seven months of age. However, do remember each baby is different and some may reach their baby teething age to teeth much later than others. Bear in mind that this is perfectly normal and be patient with your little one as you celebrate all his firsts.

How to soothe a teething baby?

While it is a wondrous time, teething can also be a tad bit uncomfortable for your baby. Your little one may complain of irritated gums or a mouth rash, but there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Think of it as growing pains and his little body adjusting to new parts. To help you and your baby through the teething syndrome months, here’s a helpful and quick listicle filled with baby teething remedies. Keep reading.

Cold fruits and veggies to the rescue!

A cold sensation will help relieve the pain of teething temporarily. You can refrigerate mash-able and soft fruits like bananas, de-seeded watermelons, or even ripe mangoes. Your little one can suck on the cold fruit and alleviate some of the discomfort caused by the teething syndrome. You can place the fruits in a mesh feeder to make sure that your baby doesn’t accidentally swallow the fruit. Alternatives to fruits could be refrigerated soft veggies like cucumbers. Try to avoid freezing them, instead just refrigerate them.

Use teething rings

Giving your baby a solid silicone teething ring, which can be sterilised is a great way to soothe a teething baby. You can even refrigerate the teething ring to help numb the gums and reduce your baby’s pain. Using teethers that can be sterilised is much better for your baby as compared to liquid-filled teethers.

Massage your baby’s gums

Gently massaging your baby’s gums with clean fingers will provide your baby relief from teething. This is a great remedy to soothe your baby’s gums that may be sore due to teething. Gently massage the gums in light circular motions to soothe the irritation.

Use a cold washcloth

Letting your little baby suck on a soft, clean, and cool washcloth can help in relieving the teething pain. Fold a soft cloth and submerge it in water and wring it after it is fully soaked. You can place this cloth in the fridge for a few minutes, after which your baby can chew or suck on the cool cloth. It can be a great baby teething remedy, but make sure you keep an eye on your baby while he is sucking on the washcloth.

It’s time for some cuddles

When your baby is cranky, make sure your baby gets lots of hugs. Sometimes, the best way to comfort a distressed baby can be cuddle time with the parents. Pick a comfortable chair, and rock your baby gently. This will provide some quiet time for hugs and comfort, while also giving you both some much-needed rest.

Consult a doctor

You don’t necessarily need to visit your baby’s doctor during the teething process. However, if you are worried about the discomfort caused due to teething, you can consult your paediatrician.

Order of appearance of baby teeth

The pattern of appearance of teeth differs from baby to baby. It is based on factors like family history, gender, gestation period, etc. In most babies, the lower front two teeth start to appear first, followed by the opposite top two teeth and the two on either side of those. Most babies have a set of 20 baby teeth by the age of three. Toothy baby grins are the cutest, don’t you think especially when they only have one or two cute teeth popping out in the front. There isn’t a set rulebook that parents can follow when it comes to the process of teething in babies, every baby has his own journey of teething. The good news is, after the appearance of the first few teeth, the process goes far more smoothly as the pain subsides. Happy teething.

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