Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Baby photoshoots are quite a trend right now. Cute outfits, adorable little expressions, and their tiny bodies surely make for an Insta picture. Photoshoots are also a great way to capture your baby’s growth or milestones. Babies grow up so fast, and photos are the best way to capture memories that will last a lifetime. With good smartphones and other gadgets on hand, we no longer must be dependent on professionals to capture the perfect shot. A DIY baby photoshoot is just what you need. But babies can get fussy and cranky if you fail to execute your baby photoshoot well. So here is a list of things you need to be prepared with:

Work as per your baby’s schedule

The first and most important thing to note is that you cannot force an infant or a toddler to pose in a specific way if they do not want to. They might cry and get irritated easily. Also, waking them up from their sleep to get your picture might make them grumpy throughout the shoot. You must engage them in the activity, make sure they are having fun, and capture candid moments. It can be a little difficult at first, but the cute shots make up for the effort!

Keep everything ready in advance

You must have the camera angle decided and the entire set-up ready before placing your baby in the shot. Keeping the set-up, 2 to 3 pairs of cloths and baby diapers ready in advance makes it easier for you to get the shot quickly and ensures that your baby doesn’t start crying.

The best way to prepare for this is to take a few test shots beforehand. Once you are satisfied with the lighting, you can create the backdrop, place the props, and build the set-up for your photo. This helps you be sure of your shot and not have a picture that you are unsatisfied with later.

Make sure your little one is comfortable

While having a baby photoshoot at home, it is important that your baby is feeling comfortable. If you are working with a newborn, always have support added in your set-up to ensure that the baby’s head is well supported.

Try using natural or diffused lighting as much as possible. This is advisable because your little one may be startled by the sudden flash. It may also cause the expression of your baby to change while clicking the picture and not give you the desired shot. The best lighting is available opposite your window during the daytime and an hour before the sun sets.

Choose outfits in advance

It is important to visualise the outfits your baby is going to wear for the cute baby photoshoot. This will help you decide on the theme, set the mood, and create a vision for your images. Always have a couple of backup outfits ready, for your baby might feel uncomfortable in an outfit or dirty the current one.

Here is a list of a few details to keep in mind while capturing an image during the cute baby photoshoot:

  • Try to choose a spot that has natural sunlight and create a set-up opposite the source of light.

  • Try to click shots from the top angle. This angle is very flattering and gives you aesthetic images.

  • Click multiple shots every time. Babies are not used to sitting in one place and tend to move a lot. This may result in a blurry or grainy shot. The best way to avoid this is to click multiple shots from one angle and pose. This gives you the liberty to pick and choose the best one you like.

  • Don’t shy away from taking close-up shots too. Many parents tend to make the mistake of taking pictures from afar. This results in the background taking over the baby. To avoid this, fill the frame with your baby and make sure the focus is on your little one.

  • Always use your little one’s favourite toys to attract their attention. Place the toy just above the camera and play with it. This will grab your baby’s attention and help you achieve the perfect shot.

Now that we are prepared with the setup, here are a few cute baby photoshoot ideas:

The monthly shot

This is a great one for a baby photoshoot idea at home. Every month on the date of their birthday, you can click an image of your baby with the number of the month in the image. This will create a capsule of their growth every month. If you don’t have the number for each month, you can simply add it by editing the picture later.

Sleepy baby

This is one of the cutest ideas for your newborn. Capturing your baby while asleep in a cosy set-up can make for an ‘Aww’ worthy photo. You can also place your baby in a basket to add an extra element to it.

Family portrait

Images of a family with their babies are truly pure and cherished. You can keep your phone or camera on self-timer and click a picture with your husband and you both in the frame, holding the baby. One of you can also gently kiss the baby on the forehead or look at the baby instead of looking into the camera. This creates a beautiful candid shot that looks intimate and loving. You could try editing these pictures and adding a black and white filter. It will add depth to the image.

You can also click shots of the father and baby sleeping in the same position or giggling. This is the best way to capture the moments of fatherhood. Fathers can do the same and capture similar images of the mother and child.

While images clicked with a set look great, candid and imperfect stand out. If you witness an adorable moment of the father and baby, don’t miss out on capturing it because it isn’t perfect. Capture it even if they both look like a mess.

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