Modern Muslim Boy Names with Meanings

Hey, mommy and daddy-to-be! Are you having a baby boy? You both must be so excited about your precious little one, right? Especially, you, mommy-to-be, now your pregnancy period will be reaching its final stage. In no time, the star of your little universe will be wrapped in your arms. We know for sure that it’s going to be the best moment of your life. But in the midst of planning and prepping for your little one, picking a name would become a secondary task. Surely, you might be thinking that we can figure out the name once the naming ceremony arrives. But why wait till then? You can easily avoid the hustle-bustle and find baby boy names with meaning, right here! Before diving into this boy name hunt, you and your partner would need to finalise an alphabet. As this is going to be a very personal decision, you can also involve your near and dear ones in this process. There are multiple, astonishing Muslim baby boy names that might make it tough to choose one. So, make sure to shortlist your favourite ones and then make the pick. The process of choosing a name for your star can get a little overwhelming. Thus, to help you out, we've lined up some tips:

  • Pick names that honours your culture

  • Refrain from using names that are a part of passing trends

  • Pick a name that honours a loved one

  • Look at the meaning of the name

To help you further, we’ve curated a list of Muslim baby boy names. The list also emphasizes the meaning of each name, which will make your name hunting process, easier.

Baby Boy NamesMeaning
AabanDenotes an angel of iron
AarizOne who is a leader or a ruler
AhsanOne who oozes with perfection; excellence
AliyanDenotes sublime, high status; one who climbs upward
ArhamDenotes compassionate and merciful
AyaanA gift of god
AyyashOne who has a good life
BahjatDenotes happiness
BasirOne who is a wise thinker
Baleeghone who speaks wise and sensible words
BazanA companion of Prophet
ChafikOne who sympathizes
DaneerOne who is full of light
DaniyalDenotes sage; one who is intellectual
DeenDenotes religion
Diya al DinOne who is enlightened by religion
EhsanDenotes compassion
EinasRefers to someone who is always at peace
EshaanDenotes desire or a wish
EshalRefers to the name of a flower in heaven
FaazThe one who is successful and victorious in life
FadelOne who is generous, superior and honourable
FatirDenotes makers or creator
FauzDenotes victory or triumph
FawadDenotes heart; core
FayezThe one who is victorious
FiazThe one who is generous
GhassanOne who is handsome, youthful
GoharDenotes a precious stone or a jewel
HakimOne who is wise and generous
HalimA gentle and patient person
HamzaDenotes strong, brave
HaniA person who is happy
IhaanDenotes to eloquently say or state something; to have a beautiful voice
IhsanDenotes kindness and generosity
IdrisSomeone who is smart and studious
IzharMeans to express
IzaanDenotes acceptance, submission and obedience
JabeerOne who is comforting
JameelOne who is handsome, graceful
KabirDenotes the great
KanzRefers to treasure
KaizerDenotes an emperor
KareemOne who is generous, honourable and notable
KasimOne who is lovely
KhabirOne who has knowledge or who is an expert
MahidOne who comforts; one who makes things easy and uniform
MahirOne who is skillful.
MuradDenotes one’s desire
NadeemDenotes a friend or a companion
NadirSomeone who is precious
NafeesDenotes pure
NasirOne who helps to achieve victory
OdaiRefers to sunrise
OthmanOne who is wise and powerful
QadirOne who is full of power
RaedDenotes a leader or a pioneer
RafeeqDenotes a kind, humble friend
RafayetOne who is powerful and  belongs to a high rank
RehanRefers to sweet basil; god’s chosen one
RiazRefers practicing
RizwanDenotes a messenger of good news
SameerA pleasant companion
SayfRefers to a sword
SohailDenotes moonlight
TahirDenotes holy, purity
Tareqone who travels at night, a morning star, visitor in a dream
TuhinDenotes snow
UmairRefers to an intelligent man; long-lived
WaisDenotes a king
YahyaDenotes that God is gracious
YunusRefers to a dove; purity
ZahranSomeone who is beautiful and radiant
ZainOne who is graceful
ZoraizOne who oozes with light and radiance



Did any of the above-given names make it to your favourite name list? Well, if yes then congratulations! We’re happy to help. In case you are willing to look further, head to our Baby Name Generator tool. A name might just click!

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