Modern Muslim Girl Names with Meanings

Are you going to be blessed with a baby girl? Well, congratulations! This precious little bundle of joy will soon be a part of your world. We know for sure that, you, mommy-to-be, would be excited to meet your precious little baby girl. But the real question is, have you thought of a name for your baby girl yet? Let us tell you that once your little princess arrives in the world, you and your spouse will have little to no time to go on a name hunt. So, to help you ease the process, we’ve curated a list of Muslim baby girl names with their meaning. But before entering this process of shortlisting girl names for your little one, you need to keep some points in mind. It includes:

  • You can choose a name to honour your loved ones

  • You can choose a name to honour your culture

  • You can take inspiration from the names of women who appear in the Quran

  • Avoid names associated with a person of immoral character

So, now that you have these tips up your sleeves, let’s get on the name-hunt quest. Here are a few modern and unique Muslim baby girl names with their meaning.

Muslim Baby Girl NamesMeaning
A’dabThe one who brings hope to the family
Aa’eedahDenotes rewarding; one who is distinguish in nature
AafiyahDenotes kindness and health; One has perfect health
AairaThe one who is notable, honourable, worthy of respect
AainaDenotes a mirror
AaliaRefers to one who is beautiful and attractive
AalinaDenotes bright; one who is beautiful and gentle
AamiraDenotes being prosperous; one who commands, a princess
AmyraDenotes a princess; commander; highborn girl
BadaiDenotes wonder, a marvel
BadraRefers to the beauty of a full moon
BareekaDenotes a blooming flower
BasimahRefers to a smiling face
BenazirOne who is unique, incomparable
BismaOne who is polite, obedient and significant
CalianaRefers to a Moorish princess
CancandancDenotes the light of Allah
CariaOne who is beloved
CasparaRefers to the keeper of the treasure
DaaniaOne who is beautiful; gift of god
DaariaDenotes blessing
DaimaOne who would be present throughout her life
DalilaOne who is delicate and gentle
DaishaDenotes to be alive
DelishaOne who is happy and makes others happy
EilaDenotes a shinning, bright light
EiraDenotes snow
ElhamDenotes inspiration
EsitaRefers to a desire
FaakhiraThe one who is pious and excellent at what she does
FadilahThe one who is victorious and generous
FauziaThe one who always finds success in her life
FadhilaThe one who is signifies abundance
FranchelleThe one who is captivating
GabinaThe one who is sweet like honey
GamilaThe one who is the epitome of beauty
GhaniaDenotes one who is rich, prosperous or self-sufficient
GulnazDenotes a shining flower
HadiyaDenotes guide to righteousness
HaaniyaThe one who is happy; pleased
HudaDenotes guidance to the right path
HayatDenotes life
InayaOne who is the gift of Allah; denotes solitude, concern and care
InaaraOne who shines with light; God sent gift
IlhaamOne who inspires others
IrsaDenotes a journey of the night
JamilaOne who is beautiful
JananDenotes heart and soul
JannatDenotes heaven, paradise
JaharaRefers to adorning the world
KaiaDenotes stability
KainatRefers to the entire universe
KarimahOne who is extremely  generous
KiahDenotes a new beginning
LakiaDenotes a treasure
LubaabaRefers to the innermost essence
LuluDenotes pearls
Ma'isahOne who walks with pride; swinging gait
MadeehaOne who is praiseworthy
MahiraRefers to a clever, intelligent women
MalalaRefers to strength from grief
MeherDenotes benevolence
NabilaOne who is delicate and tender
Na’imahDenotes peace or tranquillity
NausheenOne who is sweet and simple
PegahDenotes the emergence of a new dawn
QadiraOne who is powerful and capable
QahiraOne who is victorious in all her attempts
QiratRefers to a beautiful recitation
RaishaOne who resembles a young gazelle
RihanaDenotes a sweet basil
RuhaniDenotes spiritual; divine
RuheeOne who touches your heart; soul
SarahDenotes a princess
ShareenOne who is beautiful
ShaaheenOne who is royal as an eagle
TabindaOne who shines bright
TahiraDenotes pure and chaste
TaleehaDenotes a seeker of knowledge
UmaizaOne who is soft-hearted
UrshiaOne who belongs in the skies
VeeyaDenotes wealth
WabisaDenotes something bright
WahidaOne who is unique
YameenaOne who has been brought up the right way
YasmeenDenotes a jasmine flower
ZairaDenotes a rose
ZainaRefers to a graceful woman
ZiyaDenotes light


We hope that you find the perfect baby girl name for the star of your universe. If you want to explore more, head to our Baby Name Generator tool. At the perfect time, the right name will just click with your heart. Happy name searching!

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