Best Arabic Baby Names of 2021!

The beautiful journey of pregnancy is now in its last stretch, and the countdown for the baby’s arrival has begun. You are soon going to hold your little one in your arms. As you watch your baby open eyes, it is instantly going to be love at first sight! You and your partner will then get caught up in spending some of the most adorable memories with your baby. And finding a name for your baby might become secondary in your to-do list. Soon the day of your baby’s naming ceremony will arrive, and things might be haywire. To avoid all the hustle-bustle after your baby’s birth, the last week of your pregnancy is the best time to start looking for a perfect baby name. You don’t have to know the baby’s gender to find a name; you can always have a girl name and a boy name ready. Firstly, you and your spouse need to decide on an alphabet. Finding a baby name requires a team effort; it is best to involve the family in this bonding process. You will hear a variety of baby name suggestions, and then you can shortlist the names you like. If the process becomes a little overwhelming, you can follow these simple questions:

  • Are you looking for modern or traditional Arabic baby names?

  • Is the name too long when you combine it with your last name?

  • Are you looking for a girl name and a boy name with a meaning close to your heart?

  • Do you wish to create an Arabic boy name and an Arabic girl name using the name blending technique?

  • Are you and your partner happy with the Arabic baby girl name/Arabic baby boy name you have all decided upon?

  • Can you imagine your baby growing up to this name as an adult?

Once you know the answers to the questions mentioned above, you should easily be able to choose a name for your baby. To guide you in this name-hunt mission, we’ve also curated a list of some Arabic baby names. This list also features the meanings of the names to help you make a choice even faster.

Outro We hope the list helped you select the perfect name for your little one. If you wish to expand your name search, you can check out our Baby Name Generator tool. Happy name searching!

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