37 Amazing Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

Attending a baby shower can be very fun but thinking about unique gifting ideas for a baby shower can be quite tedious. Sometimes it can be really difficult to think of unique and meaningful baby shower gift ideas to express your love for the baby. We have got you covered with the best baby shower gift ideas to help you shop for the baby and the mother.

Explore our amazing baby shower gift list that one needs to choose, whether you're looking for some extra inspiration or have no idea where to start. Keep scrolling for our top ideas on baby shower gifts for the expecting parents.

Baby Stroller with Hanging Toys

Selecting a gift for the nursery can be tricky. What do the parents really need? Here are some baby shower gift ideas that are absolute must-haves for the nursery:

  • Crib mattress: This is obviously a nursery essential, but there are so many to choose from and many factors to consider, safety being the most important. Remember to choose a mattress which is soft, breathable and washable. It is also critical to choose a mattress that provides appropriate support during the baby’s growth years. You can also gift a waterproof mattress cover along with the mattress to increase its longevity

  • Changing pad: Any area of the home can be transformed into a diaper-duty station with a changing pad, diapers, and wipes. It also helps is preparing the expecting parents to gather essential supplies before the baby’s birth.

  • Burp cloths: These will help protect mom and dad's outfit during each feeding, plus they're handy for wiping up messes or cleaning the baby's sticky hands. You can embroider on burp clothes adding personalized touch and assemble a few of these as your gift or add them to a baby shower gift basket.

  • Nightlight: A dim nightlight can help settle the baby and make it easier for mom and dad to get around without stubbing a toe during nighttime feedings.

  • Baby shower gift basket: Combine lots of smaller necessities in a lovely basket. These can include a diaper pail, diaper cream, diapers, a burp cloth, bodysuits, baby wipes, pacifiers, a toy rattle, and more.

  • Rocking chair: A sturdy rocking chair will keep mom comfy while nursing and cuddling her baby, and the gentle back-and-forth motion can help soothe her little one to sleep.

  • Smart Baby Monitor: Give the gift of sleep, and peace of mind. A baby monitor can help avoid peeking on the little one at night to check what your baby is doing. Baby monitors reassure you with a 24/7 view of your little one no matter where you are in your home. By giving this special gift, you can be sure the parents will be thanking you for many months to come.

Smart Baby Monitor

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the ideas below could make the perfect unique gift for the baby shower that the dad- and mom-to-be are sure to appreciate:

  • Polaroid camera and a Memory book: A Polaroid camera helps in capturing instant photos. These pictures can be used to create a memory book or a scrap book which will help the parents document their baby’s firsts. This can be a very fun gift for parents who love DIY and want to save all the unforgettable memories of their babies in a Memory book.

  • Baby books: It's never too early for parents to start reading to their baby and having a nice selection of books at hand is key. Prepare a gift basket of new or classic children's books, or add a personal touch by giving some of your favorite childhood books with a card that can be used as a bookmark.

  • Toys: Consider giving toys the baby can play with in the years to come. There is a selection of unique toys in the market that can be used to both entertain and educate kids. These toys create a unique learning experience which helps generate curiosity in babies.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Choose from the list of creative baby shower gifts that will stand out from the crowd. Personalized baby shower gifts really come from the heart. If you love getting creative, consider one of these ideas:

  • Diaper cakes: A DIY diaper cake is both fun and useful. Consider gifting a stock of nappies with different sizes for babies.

  • Handmade clothes: If you knit or sew, consider making clothes, socks, hats, or mittens for the baby.

  • Home-cooked meals and Vitamins: With a newborn at hand, parents don’t have much time to spare, especially for cooking. Gifting the parents with some uncooked food, that can remain unfrozen for at least a week, can help them spend more time with the baby and reduce the stress of getting the right nutrition during the baby’s feeding phase

  • Handmade art for the nursery: If you are particularly creative, you may feel inspired to create a homemade baby shower gift in the form of a work of art to decorate the nursery. Or you can help the parents set up their nursery.

  • Cloth ball: Gift a cotton ball made from scratch. This could be the perfect gift to fit into the box full of essentials.

    Handmade Cloth Balls for Baby

If this is baby number two or three, the mom-to-be may already have most of the basics needed for a newborn. So, consider some of these ideas, and remember Mom deserves a treat, too.

  • Maternity pajamas: She has a lot of late nights coming up, so why not treat her to some cozy pajamas, comfortable walking slippers, or a bathrobe?

  • Reading material: Gift Mom a selection of grown-up best-sellers, a magazine subscription, or even an e-reader so she can download her favorites to enjoy during the elusive moments.

  • Personalized jewelry: Available at different variations of price point, an engraved pendant inscribed with the baby's name on it, is the most beautiful gift a mother can seek for.

  • Gift cards: Purchase gift cards of a nearby local store or e-store which the parents can redeem to purchase the products they require or want.

  • Blanket: A crocheted blanket is a creative baby shower gift that shows how much you care. This blanket comes in handy for mom while she's resting. It's sure to be used for many years and can even become a family heirloom.

  • Diaper bag: If the mom-to-be is a close friend, you may know her personal style well enough to buy her a diaper bag. Diaper bag comes with all the handy things needed when you are out travelling for babies. With lots of diaper bags in the market, find one that is functional and suits the personality of Mom and Dad.

There are some gift ideas you're not likely to find on any registries, but can be a great help to new parents. Most of these are service oriented, and can help free up parents’ time to spend enjoying their little one, or a few, rare minutes of downtime.

  • Professional photo shoot: Once things have settled down after the birth, many new parents appreciate a family photo shoot with a professional photographer to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Pampering session: Arrange a pampering session for the mother to a nearby club or spa for a relaxing spa treatment

  • A date night: Give the new parents some precious time together away from the baby. The night out may not take place during the first few weeks (or even months), but eventually mom and dad will enjoy having the chance to go out to a restaurant together. Tell the parents you would like to provide a gift certificate to a restaurant, babysitting, or both, but let them suggest when would be convenient.

  • Cleaning service: Parents of newborns are so busy and so tired. Consider providing a professional cleaner to come and do a one-time big clean, or to come once a week for the first few months after the birth.

  • Babysitter: Arranging a nanny for your babies can be of better service to the parents. The gift of a babysitter will certainly be appreciated.

  • Grocery delivery: You can also provide a gift certificate for grocery or meal delivery. Parents will appreciate having their pantry and fridge stocked without having to make trips to the store with a newborn in tow.

Groceries Delivery for Expectant Parents

Portable, Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There will be times when the mom-to-be needs to travel with her little one in tow. Whether she's braving an airport or just heading across town to the grandparents' house, she'll need a variety or portable items to help get from point A to point B. Consider giving one of these on-the-go essentials.

  • Travel crib: Look for safe, lightweight options that break down and set up easily. A portable play yard provides a safe space for the baby to play or sleep, while under the parents' watchful eyes.

  • Floor mat: A portable floor mat can be a playtime essential for babies and will also keep them busy and entertained away from home.

  • Emergency diaper bag: Put together a smaller diaper bag with basic essentials that the parents can keep in the car, or use when on a short errand.

  • Baby carrier or sling: A good baby carrier is ideal for parents to keep their hands free while running errands or just moving around the house. It's also cozy and soothing for the baby. Another option is a baby carrier seat.

  • Travel changing mat: If the parents-to-be love to travel or go on day trips, a travel changing mat will let them change diapers on the go.

  • Stroller: Many parents-to-be want to select a stroller themselves, but if you know which one they will just love, then this is one baby shower gift that is sure to get plenty of use.

If you haven’t yet found the right gift idea among these mentioned here, don’t worry — we have even more great ideas for you. These gifts will really be appreciated as the baby grows. Your thoughtful gift will be on hand and ready for the parents to reach for in that moment when they suddenly find they need it.

  • Baby bouncer: There are many baby bouncers to choose from, but check the age and weight requirement before you pick a style. Remember, some seats are designed for newborns, while others are designed for older babies.

  • Clothes in bigger sizes: Babies grow fast, so consider buying clothes the baby can wear later on in the first year — not just in the first few weeks or months.

  • Bath time accessories: Buy a baby bathtub, and then use it as a gift basket, adding a rubber duck, baby soaps, baby-sized towels, a non-slip bath mat, and a baby grooming set.

  • First aid kit: For all those little emergencies that the parents might not yet be prepared for, give an emergency kit with a thermometer, tweezers, calamine lotion, antibiotic cream, little bandages, a cold pack, etc.

Next time you’re invited to a baby shower, you will not be confused on what to give the expecting parents. Make something useful from these DIY baby shower ideas and gift to your loved ones.

Show your love and excitement for the new baby with one of these 37 baby shower gift ideas and win all your friend’s and family’s hearts at the same time. Also, the gift registry can help to sort out the guest’s list who aren’t sure what to gift for baby and mother. This will help avoid duplicate gifts from different guests.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be the lucky one who is organizing the baby shower, then explore our baby shower checklist which includes lots of exciting information on themes, game invitations, and more, which helps you organize the perfect shower with ease.

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