How to throw a virtual baby shower

A baby shower is a super fun and exciting event to have while you are pregnant! Having your loved ones under the roof and sending out baby shower invitations while discussing the baby shower party ideas can truly be a fun experience. Even if you go all out or have a small intimate gathering, baby showers are a great way to celebrate the arrival of your baby. However, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we celebrate. With the situation still being uncertain and till we wait for a vaccine, having a physical baby shower can be quite risky for the guests and, most importantly, the mama-to-be. But that shouldn’t dampen the spirits and make the joy of motherhood any less exciting. You can choose to have a virtual baby shower! Husbands can assist their wives on planning a virtual baby shower, or if the event is a surprise for the mama-to-be, then husbands could take full control of organizing the baby shower along with you’re the mama-to-be's friends. Project the love and affection you have towards your wife and make her feel special. A DIY virtual baby shower planned by the hubby will help win tons of brownie points. Virtual baby showers can be a lot of fun and what’s best? They make sure that everyone is safe. We are here to guide you through the process and help you out with at home baby shower ideas that will make your virtual baby shower the talk of the town!

Choose a date and time

Even though everyone is at home, it is important to have a date locked in well in advance. It will help people clear out their schedules, send their gifts and make sure that they are available for the virtual baby shower. If you plan on inviting friends and family who live in a different time zone, choose a time that is feasible for everyone.

Choose a platform

The world is now virtual! There is a wide range of platforms you can choose from to have your virtual baby shower. You can choose from video calling platforms like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Meet, etc. Make sure you choose a platform that is easily available for everyone.


You can email or WhatsApp everyone an e-invite to your baby shower! You can get as creative as you want with the invitations. Add the link of your scheduled Zoom or GMeet to this invite. Adding a step-by-step guide on how to operate the platform can be a good touch that will help the elderly navigate through technology easily. You can mention the theme of the party, the dress code, and add in a fun quote or two!

Set up a registry

Creating a wish list or a baby registry makes it easier for your guests to choose gifts. They can simply pick a gift that suits their budget and send it to you via any e-commerce platform. From diapers, cribs, onesies or even breast pumps you can add all your essentials to the list! Make sure you create your registry well in advance, so people have time to ship it to you well before the party.

Party in style

Just because you are having a virtual baby shower doesn’t mean your guests and you attend the event in your home clothes. You can choose the theme of the party and ask your attendees to dress accordingly. It can be as simple as having a colour-themed party or something extravagant as a costume party. It is the best time to let your creativity flow while at home. This way, your friends and family have a reason to dress up too.

Baby shower decorations

One of the most important elements of a physical baby shower is the decor. While you may not be able to invite people at home, you can still hang up those decorations! You can order decorations online based on your theme and decorate the part of your house that will be visible on camera. If you are unable to get decorations, you can create a special virtual Zoom background which can act as a background for your virtual baby shower.

Choose a host

There is nothing wrong with hosting your own baby shower. But in case you want someone to share the load with, you can ask one of your family members or friends to co-host the party with you. They can be the emcee for the virtual baby shower, help you decide on the virtual baby shower games and keep the conversation flowing.

Food and drinks

The center of attention for every party is the food and drinks. However, in a virtual baby shower, it can get a little tricky to arrange for food and drinks given the distance. You can decide a theme for the dishes or snacks and ask your guests to prepare them. Your guests can eat the food while attending your virtual baby shower. If not, you can simply skip the refreshments step altogether!

At home entertainment

It can be quite difficult to keep the conversation going in a virtual event. To make sure things go as planned, you can create an itinerary for the event.

  • Your guests can start by introducing themselves.

  • The emcee (host) can now take over and engage the guests with a few games.

  • Opening gifts

  • A short thank you message by the parents-to-be.

It is advisable to keep the baby shower short, this makes it easy to entertain everyone.

Virtual baby shower games

Baby shower themed games are surely the highlight of every party. Incorporating baby shower games virtually might be tricky, but we’ve got your back. Here are a few games you can play along with your guests to have one hell of a time!

The alphabet game - Baby shower edition

This game is super simple and fun. Every guest must name a baby-themed product for each of the 26 alphabets. This game happens in turns and the end goal is to try and not break the chain! This game is entertaining, easy and can be played by people of all ages!

Guess the baby

This baby shower game is highly entertaining. You can ask each of your guests to send in a picture from their childhood days and the others must guess who they think is in that image. This game is very age-friendly and can be a great game to get the party going.

Guess the nursery rhyme

The name of the game is self-explanatory. The host can play the acoustic version of popular nursery rhymes or lullabies and the guests must guess the name of the nursery.

Unwrap the gifts

Every baby shower ends with the mother opening the gifts which the guests have bought. You can choose to skip this step or incorporate it in the end. If you don’t want to make the gift opening session too long, you can open a couple of gifts from your closest family members and open the rest later.

A pep talk toast

To end the virtual baby shower, a few of the guests can take turns and give a small speech. They can say their thank you or express their love for the parents-to-be. They can also make their love known to the mom-to-be and assure her that they are there for her no matter what.

Party favours

After the party is over, you can send your friends and family a small party favour as an expression of your love and gratitude. You can send them a gift card, ship a small gift to their address or a simple personalized thank you message will do the trick!

Baby showers are a great way for the parents-to-be to have some fun before their baby duties kick in! Make sure you don’t miss out on having a baby shower even if it is a virtual one. Trust us, they can be a lot of fun!

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