How to Calculate Due Date with Hijri Pregnancy Calculator

Congratulations on the good news! Finding out about your pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings, so enjoy every bit of the moment. Now that you're going to be a mom, your mind automatically begins planning your pregnancy and post-pregnancy stuff. The first few thoughts that come to your mind are when my baby arrives, what's my due date, how far have I come in pregnancy, and so on.

With an eager heart and brain, you start looking for Arabic options of how to calculate your due date only to find the calculation involves too many numbers to do it manually. Next up in your solutions list is to find an accurate pregnancy calculator, but you aren't sure about its authenticity. In such a case, you feel lost and tired and think about your next option.

With too many thoughts running in your anxious mind and the excitement to meet your little one soon, you might use just any calculator to find your answer. However, the inaccuracy of results can build up on your anxiety, leaving you restless. But, worry not! We've got the perfect calculator for you. While other calculators may use regular calendars, the Hijri pregnancy calculator is specially designed to help you determine your date as per the Hijri calendar.

What is Hijri Calculator?

The Hijri calculator is a pregnancy calculator that follows the Hijri calendar. You can calculate the pregnancy due date by entering the Hijri date. If you are dependent on the Hijri calendar, then the Hijri pregnancy calculator is the perfect tool for you, as it helps you track your important pregnancy dates. You can calculate your pregnancy in weeks, months, or days. Moreover, the calculator also helps track the remaining months, weeks, and days of your pregnancy.

The Hijri pregnancy calculator is a fast and easy way to calculate your pregnancy due date. All you need is one important date that is your first day of the last menstrual cycle according to the Hijri year.

How to use the Hijri Calculator?

The Hijri pregnancy calculator takes various inputs in sequence before completing the calculation. You need to input the date of the first day of your last period in a complete day-month-year format. Consider these three simple steps to know your due date:

  • Step 1: Determine the first day of your last menstrual cycle

  • Step 2: Enter the relevant date as per the Hijri calendar

  • Step 2: Click the button to calculate your due date

Remember, the result displayed will be a rough estimate of your due date and not a fixed one. The results are calculated depending on the value entered and can vary. It is best to consult a gynaecologist or an ob-gyn to confirm your pregnancy due date.

How does it calculate my due date?

The perfect way to calculate your due date is to count 40 weeks or 280 days from the first day of your last period, as generally, most pregnancies last for about 40 weeks. But some factors determine individual pregnancy due dates. Most times, mothers aren't aware that their menstrual and ovulatory periods are to be counted during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy. Your conception date isn't the same as the day you took your pregnancy test or the day you missed your period. So, avoid all the math and complicated calculation and simply use the Hijri pregnancy calculator to quickly determine your roughly estimated due date. Keep in mind that it's normal to deliver a week or two before or after your estimated due date.

Benefits of Hijri Calculator

Manually finding out your due date requires some heavy math. And what's the point if you make one mistake in all that calculation, and every effort goes in vain! Even if you are a math expert, save yourself the trouble of complicated numbers, sit back and enjoy the happiness of soon becoming parents by using a due date calculator.

With the Hijri calculator, you don't have to remember too many dates or numbers. It is easy to use and easy to understand. It helps you determine your approximate due date in just a click. And then, all you have to do is get a confirmation on the same in your doctor's visit.

Once you get your results, you get a clear idea about the arrival of your baby, helping you to plan accordingly. If you haven't already confirmed, now is the time to book a doctor's appointment and confirm your pregnancy. Your doctor may recommend a blood test or a physical examination to confirm whether you’re pregnant or not. Moreover, once you get your estimated date, you can talk to your doctor, who can give you an accurate date.

Have you calculated your due date yet? If not, check out our due date calculator to get an estimate now to begin your pregnancy journey!

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