The Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist

As the due date comes closer, the to-do list gets longer. Being prepared for a newborn baby is no easy feat. You have to make sure that your place is set up and you have the basics in place. It can be overwhelming at first, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s a checklist with newborn essentials that will be your guide through the first three months. This list has products across all categories, from the baby's nursery, clothes, diapers to feeding and bathing requirements, this list has it all.

Nursery checklist for your newborn

The first room your newborn baby lives in should contain stuff your baby will need. These basic pieces will make it easier for you to manoeuvre through the nursery while taking care of your baby.

The crib

This is probably the most important thing from your baby stuff checklist that you will need. Your baby will need a safe and comfortable place to sleep in, as newborn babies sleep for up to 16 hours a day. You can choose a style of the crib that can convert into a toddler bed. This convertible crib will last you for at least three years and can be a great investment. Using the same crib as your baby's toddler bed helps them feel secure and safe through the transition. This is why choosing a convertible crib is the wisest choice.


Depending on the crib you choose, your baby will need a comfortable mattress to sleep on. You need to make sure to choose a mattress that fits perfectly in the crib, this will make sure your newborn baby is the safest in their crib.

Sheets and blankets

The next item on your newborn checklist is bedding for the crib. You don’t need to invest in fancy bedding, just the basic pieces. You’ll need at least two waterproof covers for your mattress, in case one cover is going for a wash. Several fitted sheets that fit your bed well. A fitted sheet will ensure your newborn baby sleeps on a breathable fabric and be comfortable. Try to keep the crib of your baby as empty and bare as possible. Avoid filling the crib with toys, plushies, or heavy bedding. The risk of ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ increases if the crib is too full as it can lead to suffocation. In case you want something to cover your baby, you can opt for a thin, light, and breathable blanket.


If you plan on making your baby sleep with you in your bed, then you need to ensure that you have a firm mattress. Do not use a waterbed for a newborn baby. You will also need waterproof pads, and a sheet to place under the baby and over the waterproof pad.


Parents also opt for bassinets for their newborn baby. If you are opting for a bassinet, make sure that it is light and you can move it to and fro from any room. Bassinets can be a good small and portable option; however, they will not be feasible for your baby after six months.

A baby monitor

A baby monitor is an essential item in any baby stuff checklist. Having a baby monitor will help you be at peace and make sure you keep an eye on your baby at all times. A baby monitor will make sure that you can leave the room without being worried all the time. You can choose for baby monitors that are wi-fi enabled and have a smart baby video mode.

A night light

Adding a night light in your nursery will make feeding the baby at midnight and checking up on your newborn baby at night very easy. Turning on the overhead lights of the nursery might disturb your baby and also startle them. A night light will provide you with enough light to manoeuvre across the room. The night light might also be a source of reassurance for your baby as they grow older.


UAE has a very dry climate, due to which having a humidifier for your baby is essential. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which helps the baby breathe better. It can also be used if your newborn baby has a cough or cold to alleviate any allergens from the air. You can consult a medical practitioner and ask for his recommendation on purchasing a humidifier for your baby.

Storage for baby’s clothes

Your baby will require multiple changes of clothes in a day. You will need a proper place to store all the clothes your newborn baby will need. Your changing table may have drawers and cupboards too, which you can utilise for storing your baby’s clothes. You can also opt for bins, baskets, or tubs to organize the clothes. A cabinet with multiple drawers also is a great way of storage.

A hamper

Having a hamper in the nursery is extremely important. You can use the hamper to place your baby’s soiled clothes. This will also help the dirty clothes remain in one place and make it easier for you to do your laundry. You can also place a separate dustbin or a diaper pail with a lid to dispose of the baby’s dirty diapers. Make sure the dustbin is far away from the baby’s crib and is emptied from time to time. This way, your nursery will not stink up.

Comfy chair

This is an addition to the nursery which you may miss out on your newborn checklist. You will need to have a comfortable chair in the nursery where the mother can relax and feed the baby, or daddy can sing the newborn baby a lullaby. You can opt for a rocking chair as the motion of the chair may help you put the child to sleep.


The action of sucking is soothing for newborn babies. A pacifier is a great way of helping your baby self soothe. You will need multiple pacifiers in case the baby accidentally drops one on the floor or they go missing. There are pacifiers of every shape and size available in the market. Double-check that the pacifier you are opting for is right for the newborn stage by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Baby mobile

Keeping your baby entertained while they are awake is important. Having a baby mobile that is hung safely and is within your baby’s reach will help engage your baby. You can choose any baby mobile as they are available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Toy bucket

It is always efficient to have a dedicated space to store your newborn baby’s toys. You can opt for a toy basket where you can place all the toys. If you have shelves in your nursery, you place toys and baby books on the shelves too.

Feeding checklist for your newborn

Even if you opt for breastfeeding, there certain items should be in your newborn checklist for feeding. Here is a list of things you could consider adding to your feeding list:

Burp cloths

After every feeding, burping the baby is essential. While burping the baby, they are bound to have a lot of spit-ups. Burp cloths are designed to protect your clothes from spit-up. If you do want to purchase a burp cloth separately, you can opt for spare pieces of fabric at home that are soft, breathable, and easily washable.

A nursing cover

A nursing cover comes in handy while feeling your baby. It helps the mother cover up while she is breastfeeding her child. Most nursing cloths have a strap that you can tie around your neck and make sure that they stay in place. Similar to the birth cloth, you can use any piece of cloth you may already have at home. Just make sure it is opaque and made out of a breathable fabric.

U-shaped nursing pillow

A nursing pillow can come in handy while breastfeeding your baby. Your arm may get tired while you support your baby’s head. A nursing pillow can help the mom and baby feel more comfortable as the mother can place the baby and her other hand on the pillow while using the other hand to hold up the baby.


Every baby needs a bib, in fact, they need multiple bibs. A bib is useful while feeding the baby. It helps protect the baby’s clothes from any spit up, formula or milk.

Breast pump

A breast pump is a great tool because it helps you venture out of the house and still make sure your baby gets breast milk. This comes in handy, especially when the mother has to return to work. You can choose between a manual breast pump and an electric one.

Bottles and nipples

Even if you choose to breastfeed your newborn baby, you will need bottles and nipples. You can use these bottles to store the breast milk that you have pumped or to feed the baby formula. Baby bottles come in plastic and glass, so you can pick whichever you prefer. However, make sure you keep in mind the size of the nipple and its shape while choosing your bottle. You might even have to try a few different types of nipples before finding one that your baby likes. You also need to have a bottle cleaning brush and make sure your milk bottles are thoroughly clean.

Bottle warmer

It is a tricky task to reheat stored breast milk or formula. A bottle warmer helps you simplify the task and heat your baby’s food to the right temperature.

Bottle steriliser

This isn’t a must-have product, but a bottle steriliser makes sure your feeding bottles and nipples are free of all germs and bacteria.

Diapering checklist for your newborn

You need a few extra things apart from just diapers to go through the diapering process smoothly. Here is a consolidated list that will take you through the extra items you will need:


There is no diapering process without diapers! You will need diapers and you will need a lot of them. Your newborn baby may need as many as 70 diapers a week! It can be tricky to gauge the size of your newborn’s diapers, so buying smaller packets in a couple of sizes at first is the wisest thing to do.

Changing table

Apart from diapers, this is the most important product to make sure your diapering process goes through smoothly. A changing table provides you with a safe space to change your baby’s clothes and diapers. You should try and choose a changing table that has a strap to secure your baby onto the table. This makes sure that your baby will not roll or flip off the table and make it safer for them. Some changing tables also come with drawers and shelves under them, so you don’t have to walk away from the baby. It is very important however to keep one hand on your baby at all times to be safe.

Changing pads

Changing pads make your baby feel comfortable while on a changing table. Choosing a washable and waterproof changing pad is important, as you can simply wash them off in case they get soiled or dirty.

Wipes and washcloths

While changing your baby’s diaper, you will need to clean his bottom area thoroughly. You can go for wipes that are gentle and disposable. Or you can wet your washcloth with warm water and gently wipe your baby’s diaper area. You can also use washcloths for patting your baby down after a bath.

Diaper rash cream

Consult your baby’s doctor and make sure to purchase a diaper rash cream. This will come in handy if your baby gets a rash at any point.

Clothing checklist for your newborn

Here is a list of clothing items that your newborn baby surely needs:

Swaddle blanket

Most parents prefer to swaddle their baby for the first few months. Swaddling the baby helps the baby feel safe and secure. There are a variety of swaddle blankets available in the market, you can pick and choose as per your preference.


Your newborn baby will need a diaper change multiple times in a day. Onesies are the most convenient clothing item to don your baby in. Onesies have snaps that come undone on the bottom half, which makes it easier for you to change the baby’s nappies.

T-shirts and pyjamas

If your baby is at home, you can choose to dress them up in cute t-shirts and pyjamas. This outfit also makes changing the diaper very easy.


If you live in colder temperatures or are surrounded by air conditioning, it is best to have a light sweater or a jacket on hand for your baby. This will make sure your baby is warm and comfy at all times.


It is essential to keep the feet of your baby warm and covered. You will need multiple pairs of socks to keep your baby's feet covered. Your baby may not shoes until they learn how to walk.


Newborn babies tend to scratch their face quite easily. Putting on light mittens on your baby’s hands will prevent them from scratching themselves.


If you are going to take your baby outdoor, make sure they have a cap on. This will keep them safe from the sun and keep their eyes protected from extreme brightness.

Dressy outfits

You may need a couple of more dressy outfits for festivities, holidays, and outings. However, it is important to remember that your newborn baby will soon grow out of those clothes.

Bath time checklist for your newborn

During your baby’s first few months, your baby will need only about three baths a week. Here’s a checklist of what you need to stock up on:

Bath seat

Your baby will be receiving sponge baths initially, but once the baby begins to support himself, you will need a bathing seat. Make sure to purchase a bathing seat that fits your baby and is secure.

Gentle Shampoo

You will need a very mild shampoo that is designed for newborn babies. You can use this shampoo to wash your newborn baby’s hair.

Gentle soap

Choosing a mild soap that is designed especially for newborns and young babies is very important.


A plastic scoop or cup that you can use to pour water over your baby's hair or skin makes it easier to rinse out the soap or shampoo. You need to be very careful about not getting soapy water in your little one’s eyes.


You need to stock up on super soft towels which you can use to dry your baby gently.

Baby moisturiser

A newborn doesn't usually need special lotions, but if your baby has dry patches of skin, you can choose a non-scented moisturiser.

Travelling checklist for your newborn

You’ll be surprised when you realize how many things a baby needs while being on the go. Here is a list to guide you through the requirements:

Car seat

In 2017, the UAE Cabinet approved a law that made it mandatory for parents to travel with car seats for children under the age of four. Due to this, having a car seat that passes all the safety tests is important. Ensure the car seat is properly fitted to your car and installed facing the back, before your due date.


You will need a stroller to take your baby around the town. You can choose a stroller that has a collapsible hood to protect your child from sun rays.

Sunshade for car windows

Your newborn should be protected from direct sunlight to protect their skin. You can cover the back-seat windows of your car with a shade cover to keep your newborn out of the blazing sun.

Diaper bag

You’ll need a diaper bag to carry the essentials for your child every time you step out of your home. They come in all styles and sizes and are super functional.

Apart from these things you will also need a couple more things handy for your newborn baby, like:

  • First aid kit

  • Nail clippers

  • Gentle detergent

  • Items to help you babyproof your home

It may seem like a lot, but trust us this guide has you sorted to welcome your little one home!

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