Mum to Mum: How I Announced My Pregnancy

Rebecca, 30, Clifton, New Jersey

“I e-mailed my family asking to have a family game night. Once we all got together, I suggested that we play Pictionary. When it was my turn to draw, I drew three lines to show it was a three-letter word. Then I drew a woman with a big belly and an arrow pointing from her toward the third line, an eye over the first line and then the letter ‘M' over the middle line. [For 'I'm pregnant.']

Everyone started screaming because you aren't allowed to use letters in Pictionary, completely missing the point. After they all had a second to process what was going on, they all began screaming, crying, hugging and laughing.”

Kim, 39, Delran, New Jersey

“For my first son, I gave my husband a Father's Day T-shirt and a 'No. 1 Dad' hat on Father's Day. He was confused at first but then realised he was going to be a dad. When I told my mum she was going to be a first time grandma, I gave her a book about grandmas. Needless to say she cried her eyes out!”

Brittany, 23, Somers, Montana

“I told my sister first that she was going to be an aunt again (my oldest sister already had children). Then I sent my other sister a text saying she was going to be an aunt again. Then I told my oldest sister she was going to be a first time aunt! All of my family was really excited for me, they could not have been happier to have an addition to the family.”

Danielle, 28, Maple Shade, New Jersey

“We were having a get-together with my dad, step-mum and 3-year-old brother, Ryan. We were talking to Ryan while everyone was listening and I asked him how he would feel about being an uncle. Everyone looked puzzled for a minute and then the excitement erupted.”

Nicole, 41, Sicklerville, New Jersey

“It's interesting because it was my husband who informed me. ‘Honey, you have been a little moody lately and have been munching much more than usual. Do you think you could be…?' I responded, ‘Absolutely not, I guess it's possible, but no, wait, could we be?' After confirming, we sat our 19- and 15-year-old sons down and told them we found the perfect job for them – babysitters!”

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