Pregnancy Announcements: Telling Your Partner

The excitement of finding out that you're pregnant—whether it's your first or fifth pregnancy—is hard to conceal. Instead of blurting out the good news to your partner, select one of these nine fun ways to let him know that he's going to be a daddy.

1. End of the Day Surprise

At bedtime on the day that you confirm your pregnancy, slip into bed next to your partner and say 'Goodnight, Daddy!' with a smile on your face.

2. Enlist the Kitchen Staff

Make dinner reservations at a restaurant and ask that the kitchen staff write 'Congratulations' in chocolate or fruit purée on your partner's dessert plate. If you've been trying to get pregnant, he might work out the reason behind the message quickly, but if this baby is a happy surprise, you can play coy until he guesses correctly.

3. Unwrap the Present

Greet your partner at the breakfast table with a decorative ribbon tied around your waist. Ask him to unwrap the present and he will see the words 'I'm Pregnant' written on the underside of the ribbon.

4. The Sound of Music

Create a playlist of songs that feature the word 'baby' in the title. Press play and crank up the volume on a weekend day while you are both lounging about the house. See how long it takes for him to catch on!

5. Have Your Food Do the Talking

Break free from your weekly dinner menu and instead prepare your partner a delicious meal featuring baby back ribs, baby potatoes, baby corn and baby carrots.

6. Communicate with Cake

Bake him a cake and write, 'I'm Pregnant' on the top in icing. Casually place it in front of him following dinner one evening and watch his reaction.

7. Get Children in on the Fun

Decorate a T-shirt using fabric markers and paints for your older child that says 'Big Brother' on the front. Dress him in it and ask him to find his father (or wait until he gets home). Listen from another room as your partner processes the message and be ready for a huge hug when he finds where you're hiding.

8. The Gift of Surprise

If you don't mind attending your first appointment and ultrasound alone, surprise him by wrapping the images in a small gift box and presenting them to him that evening.

9. Relay the Message

Tell your partner's parents and instruct them to spill the beans during a conversation. Your partner may chuckle at first – out of excitement and nervousness – but receiving the news from his loved ones will be a special moment that he'll never forget.

Revel in the moment that you choose to joyfully announce your pregnancy to your partner – this is the start of a beautiful journey that you will both take together!

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