Toddler activities: playmates and interaction

As much as you love your child, nothing that you can do for him can substitute for the excitement he gets from being with other children. If he isn't already in nursery school or daycare, there are many ways for him to interact regularly with children near his age.

Classes and Planned Activities

It's in your interest to keep your child busy and stimulated.  There are many music, art, swimming and gym classes designed for toddlers and it may give you a chance to meet other parents in your area too!

Playgroups and coffee mornings

Look for a local play group or arrange a coffee morning with other parents who have children a similar age.  You can rotate each week or month to a different person's house which helps mix it up and the kids will love playing with new toys and experiencing different environments.  It's also a great way to get help and advice on different parenting questions and challenges!

Working Parents

Look for classes on the weekend to enable you and your baby to have some quality time and even meet other working parents!  This is also a great option for dads who are looking for some fun planned activities on the weekend with their kids to give mum a break!

Selecting a good nursery school

When it comes to choosing a nursery school, plan ahead. Many good places have waiting lists, and it takes time to find the right setting for your child. Visit each possibility, spending enough time there to be sure that the school will work for you and your child.

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