1st birthday: Building lasting memories

It's only natural to want to celebrate your baby's very first year. The party itself may only last a few hours, but these tips will help to create fond, life-long memories.

1. Plant a tree

Like your baby, a tree will grow with each passing year, putting down roots and branching out into the world. Every year you can take photos of your child by her special tree. It's a wonderful way to record her life and also teaches her about the connection we have to the earth and environment.

2. Make a first-year quilt

This is a sweet way to save a piece of that adorable newborn onesie you can't bear to throw out. Get together the clothes, blankets and sheets that you'd like to use, cut them into squares and sew them into a quilt. It will make a thoughtful gift when she's older.

3. Record your baby's story

Select your favourite photos from the last 12 months and put them in an album. Write a little story or create a slideshow highlighting the special moments and milestones during her first year.

4. Make a footprint

Use a casting kit to make an impression of your child's foot or hand. Place it in a double frame with the cast on one side and a first-birthday picture on the other.

5. Create a time capsule

Collect items that capture the essence of your baby's first year: a photo of your home, a swatch from his favourite blanket, the rattle he adored etc. Seal them in a box to open on his 18th birthday.

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