Step by Step Guide to Change the Baby Diapers

Changing your newborn baby’s diaper for the first time can be quiet challenging especially when it happens right after the baby’s birth. However, this activity can be a very good time for you to bond with your baby. Here is a step-by-step instruction guide that will show you exactly how to change your baby’s nappy the first few times.

Remove the Nappy Pants

How to Nappy Pants

There’s no need to pull them down like pants, just tear both sides of the nappy pants, keeping the mess at the bottom of the nappy and slide the pants out through your baby's legs.

Roll Them Up

How to Roll the Nappy Pants

Use the disposal tape to roll the Pampers Pants

Tape Them Up

How to Tape the Baby Diapers

Now tape the nappy pants, so you can secure the rolled-up nappy with that, then simply throw it away.

Clean as Usual

Cleaning Baby’s bottom with Pampers Wipe

Clean your baby's bottom with baby wipes. Baby wipes are created especially for your baby’s delicate skin and help keep babies clean and fresh

Pop on a Fresh Pair of Nappy Pants

Popping Fresh Pair of Nappy Pants

Pull-on a fresh pair of nappy pants – the soft and stretchy waistband makes it easy to pop on, no matter how wriggly your baby is. There you go, all done!

Nappy pants make changing your little one's nappy quick and easy. Plus they're comfortable for your active baby so she can explore the world without mum and dad worrying about her nappy becoming loose or leaking.

Tips for Diaper Change

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether your baby needs a clean diaper or not. Pampers Premium Care Diapers has a feature of wetness indicator that signals you with a visual inspection when the diaper needs to be changed.

Try changing your baby's nappy on the floor using a changing mat as it is safer than using the changing table.

Distract your baby to make change even easier. Try singing her songs, letting her play with a special toy, or playing peekaboo with her from behind a pair of nappy pants.

Changing of a diaper pant can be a messy affair, staying calm and following the step by step guide will make the entire process easier. It will also help you bond with your little buddle of joy!

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