Pampers® new baby-dry™

Pampers® new baby-dry™


Give your baby breathable dryness, a new dimension of overnight dryness

NEW Unique Air Channels

Create space for air to flow freely inside the diaper, for breathable dryness overnight

Extra Dry-Layer

Instantly absorbs wetness away from baby's skin

Absorbent Micro-Pearls

An inner layer with absorbent Micro-Pearls to lock away wetness for up to 12 hours


For a good night's sleep

Stretchy sides

Provide a comfortable fit and flex with your baby's every move

Soft-like cotton*

A top layer next to baby's skin, soft and dry, for a comfortable night's sleep *Does not contain cotton


A joyful experience for your baby

Fun designs

Enjoy our fun designs & characters with your baby

100% Safety

Our diapers are tested to make sure they respect your baby's sensitive skin

Clinically and Dermatologically tested

We make sure Pampers products can be used in total safety and respect your baby's sensitive skin

Carefully selected materials

We work in collaboration with pediatricians and toxicologists to select and validate the safety of our products

How does a Pampers® diaper work and what is it made of?

As parents, you want a 100% safe, comfortable diaper that keeps your baby dry and let him explore the world. Pampers® has been designing diapers for 50 years with exactly this in mind: making sure that performance and comfort go hand-in-hand with safety.

Whats in Pampers® new baby-dry™

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