Gentle touch

Our gentlest touch to the skin
Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Silky Softness

Made with our softest-ever silky materials that provide comfort and protection

Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Breathable materials

Breathable layers that allow fresh air-flow to baby's skin

Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Gentle Fit

A 360° soft and stretchy waistband for a gentle fit

Easy Changing

Easy on and easy off
Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Soft & Stretchy Waistband

Easy to pull on, even when your baby is moving around

Easy-tear Sides
Easy-tear Sides

For easy removal

Disposal Tape

Secures the diaper with a tape for easy disposa


Pampers trusted dryness
Up to 12 Hours of Dryness
Up to 12 Hours of Dryness

Keeps your baby dry and comfortable with up to 12 hours of dryness

Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Absorbent Micropearls

Absorb and lock away wetness from your baby's skin

100% Safety

Our diapers are tested to make sure they respect your baby's sensitive skin
Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Clinically and Dermatologically tested

We make sure Pampers products can be used in total safety and respect your baby's sensitive skin

Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
Carefully selected materials

We work in collaboration with pediatricians and toxicologists to select and validate the safety of our products


How does a Pampers® pant work and what is it made of?

Each component of a Pampers® pant has a specific role. But they all have the same purpose: to give your baby safety, comfort and performance.

Whats in a Pampers® pant

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*Hospitals: based on hospital sales data; nurses: vs. other hospital brands, among those with a preference; parents: based on retail sales